Discover how to take great photos with your iPhone

  • If you have an iPhone, there are a lot of ways to take better smartphone photos than most people take with a DSLR camera
  • If you’re looking for taking great photos with your iPhone

  • If you want to learn from some of the most respected iPhone photographers

  • If your DSLR camera stands on the shelf while you are taking most of your photos with the iPhone

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Here are the steps in starting your iPhoneography journey

1. Get Free iPhone Photography Tips

The best way to get started with iPhone photography is by getting free tips on e-mail.
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2. Class Near Me

Apple will be hosting a workshop for people (USA) who want to improve the quality of their iPhone photography. The new iPhone photography workshop sounds like so much fun!

Find The Class In Your State

3. Setup The Correct iPhone Camera Settings

If you're looking to get better at iPhone photography, sign up for our video  today. You'll learn little-known tricks for taking amazing photos with your smartphone. We've received over 150 amazing comments from learners around the world.

In this video tutorial I will not teach you how to make photos, but I will give you the tool which allows you to make the best shots ever.

I’ll share with you the right camera settings for iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14  that you should be using. iPhone is the only camera that always is with You.

There are no best or worst shots! Each of you is a creator. You just need to slow down and see the world in such a simple and beautiful way.

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