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using build-in iPhone Presets

  • If you have an iPhone, there are a lot of ways to take better smartphone photos than most people take with a DSLR camera

  • If you’re looking how to edit photos for FREE with your iPhone as a professional (no payed Apps)

  • If you want to learn how to use build-in iPhone Presets 

  • If your DSLR camera stands on the shelf while you are taking most of your photos with the iPhone

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iPhone Presets

In everyday life, there is no time to edit pictures if you want to make small corrections for your family, dog or garden photos. So, I believe that iPhone photo editing options are completely sufficient.

We go through the iPhone camera app and use built in tools to edit photos – iPhone Presets. You do not need to buy expensive editing programs like “Lightroom” or “Lightroom” presets. Build-in iPhone Presets offer so many different options for editing photos.

The easiest way to edit your photo is just to apply the built-in iPhone Preset to the photo. It contains combinations of best practice editing options.

There are no best or worst edited photos! Each of you is a creator!

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